We provide full end-to-end solutions.  


Initial Review of Environment and Issue(s)

Initial discussions are usual over the phone.  We have a member of our engineering team online to learn more about any specific environmental issues that will need to be addressed as well as the thermal performance that is required. We also try to gather information about other solutions that have been tried and failed and why they failed.  After these discussions we conduct internal engineering design sessions and provide options and estimated costs.  From deep space to deep ocean, we have solutions for most extreme environments.

Final Design and Laboratory Test

For a small fee we complete a final design of the proposed solution(s) and conduct thermal tests.  Many clients ask for several options and configurations.  A detailed report is presented with expected thermal performance based on environmental conditions.

Site Visit (optional)

A site visit is required for any large or complex installation but optional for more standard industrial installations.  These sites visits not only give us a chance to review the environment but allows us to determine what will be required to stage any installation.  This also allows for the team to make any final measurements so that some parts may be prefabricated.


Our experienced team arrives on location for the actual installation.  For larger installations we have the material shipped directly to the site.  Industrial installations can be completed in phases to minimize any down time.